LYT-SCRIPTED a new firmware for LYT8266

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LYT-SCRIPTED a new firmware for LYT8266

Postby pietromoscetta » Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:35 pm

I would like to bring to your attention a new project developed by Tom, one of our great customer.
It is an alternative firmware for our LYT8266 RGBW LED lamps.


-Switches on almost immediatly after powering the bulb, no 500 ms delay
-Does not use the regular LYT8266 library which contained a lot of code
-Features an iOS Webapp Icon to give the native look and feel of an App on iOS
-Nice colorpicker that automatically switches to white LEDs
-can poll a webserver for colors (example JSON:
-startup behaviour can be configured (Static color or polling a webserver)
-uses a jQuery Mobile Interface
-Several clients can control the lamp in parallel
-changes to firmware are only possible after accessing a special URL
-allows HTTP Update of firmware
-provides a FiFo log of latest 100 Log-messages accessible at http://lyt8266/log

You can find this project on GITHUB here:

Thank you Tom for this great job!

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Re: LYT-SCRIPTED a new firmware for LYT8266

Postby Torxgewinde » Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:21 pm

Hi Pietro,
Thanks for the kind words. I hope the firmware is of use for others as well and I am looking forward for more similar products.

For me it is a huge benefit and unique selling point, that the bulb itself can execute commands autonomously right after being powered on. Other "smart"-bulbs require establishing a connection to a controller (FHEM, OpenHAB, Mobile phone, ...) first, before commands can be send and the smartness sets in. This takes some seconds at least and other "smart"-bulbs are not really able to behave "smart" during this time until the connection is established. With LYT8266 I can freely change how it behaves right after powering it on, which is what I like.

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