Using OTA to upload Sketches

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Using OTA to upload Sketches

Postby Edoardo » Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:10 am

Hello everybody,
Following this tutorial: ... achment=13 I'm trying to upload some sketches in an 8266 bulb.
In the preferences IDE section I've checked the "Show verbose output during: compilation" option.
After a copy and paste inside a txt document of the output I've tried to find the .cpp.bin file without any results.
The only file that maybe used, in my opinion, is a .cpp.o file that is been generated inside e temp directory.
Is it right?
My target is to follow this tutorial: in order to upload souliss into the 8266 bulb.
Since I've read in the forum that somebody have already done this operation I hope to receive some help.
I'm using the 1.6.7 version of the arduino IDE.
Thank you everybody.

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Re: Using OTA to upload Sketches

Postby emilianonardone » Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:53 pm

Hi Edoardo

I've tried to execute the same procedure and i've noticed that:
- the binary file in the main .tmp directory has a .ino.bin extension and not cpp.bin
- maybe you have located the file in sketch subdirectory if you have only compiled the project using arduino IDE to generate the file to download by OTA.
The .ino.bin file is the correct binary file to be downloaded via OTA.

Best regards

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Re: Using OTA to upload Sketches

Postby Edoardo » Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:47 am

Thank you Emiliano....

In the meantime I've tried to use the EXPORT SKETCH feature of arduino IDE....
It asked to me to save the sketch with a different path since the file was a only reader one. I did it.
At this point the .ino.bin file was present in the same main directory of the new sketch saved.

I've tried to upload this file using the tutorial procedure and everything seems to be worked... I've seen my bulb blink very fast...
The file uploaded was the e02_LYT8266_WiFi_Erase.ino.bin ....

Now I've tried to upload the e02_LYT8266_WiFi_Bulb.ino.bin file but my browser is been no longer able to fix a comunication with the bulb.
With a little sensation of frustration I've decide to upload the sketch trough a cable comunication and everything finally worked.
I think that the problem was in my browser but I don't have further investigate.

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Re: Using OTA to upload Sketches

Postby Holdsworth » Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:43 pm

Thanks for sharing those tutorials Edo. Helped me a great deal. I'm using the same version.
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